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Contract Business

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Turkey and Italy – two strategic partners

Turkey and Italy are two regional powers managed to carry their relations started in the 14th century to today and sharing common history and values in the Mediterranean basin.

Left 162 years behind in diplomatic relations, Italy is one of our most important trade partners and is among the strong supporters of Turkey’s European Union membership.

Italy is currently Turkey’s 4th trade partner after Germany, China and Russia. Trade volume between the two countries has steadily increased over the last decade, and it reached approximately USD 20 billion in 2014. Current fields of cooperation include energy, defense industry, tourism, infrastructure, automotive and chemicals among others.

In recent years, Turkey has represented a tempting investment climate for Italian investors. Turkey’s geopolitical position and industry structure have played significant role for attracting small, medium and large scaled Italian companies, and Italian companies have invested more than USD 4.5 billion into Turkey to date. According to data provided by the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey, there are currently more than 1,000 Italian companies operating in Turkey.

The nongovernmental organizations established to support the strategic partnership between Turkey and Italy have been supporting to reinforce the relations between two countries through the organizations they arrange.

We, as Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB), has been continuing our contributions to the development of the trade volume between two countries through our guidance to our companies to increase textile exports and development of value added products.

We will actively take part in the International Observatory home textile show concurrently held with Proposte Fair for the third time this year in Como, Italy, with around 20 leading fabric manufacturers.

Right after Como show we will lead a dozen of Turkish companies to promote Turkish technical textiles and nonwovens at Techtextil Fair to be held in Frankfurt. Turkey has a strong and still emerging industry for technical textiles and nonwovens. So, Techtextil Frankfurt will be a good opportunity for us.

I hope lucrative business for all companies in these two events which are important trade platforms for our sectors.

İbrahim Burkay
President, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
President, Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association

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  • Son Sayı : Nisan 2017
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